Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holy Crap!

fiveyears later,.....I finally found this freaking blog! Sorry but those who know me know that I am not the sharpest where Computers are concerned. But I'm HERE! The flight went well. That is totally thanks to my daughter who tweaked my meds. I never had one moment of anxiety. And God sent two angels to sit with me. And to find my luggage. Yes, for real. I know what to do for the trip back. I am tying a blaze orange thong to my suitcase handle. 'Course someone grab it thinking,...this looks like it's full of fun stuff! The weather here is nice, kinda hot in the sun but colder than a witches tit at night. I haven't seen or done much since I have been here because Jenn had her surgery on Tuesday. We expect her to come home today. I am enjoying being with my son and the grandkids. This house truly is a compound. I want to live here but then, I haven't experienced the heat. I am also enjoying being with 7 dogs. Then again, I do have allergies to dogs, but do I care? No. Did I mention that my son and his family are moving back home in about a month or so? Yeah, they live with DIL's sister and they all just can't afford it. So, the sister and her boyfriend are moving into their huge motorhome 'till they find a smaller home they can afford. My son and his wife are still waiting on their disability. I figure they should get it within the next 20 years. I do see mountains in every direction. And the lights of the strip. There is a "spotlight" that is the only one you can see from space. Perhaps one of you can confirm this. I thought I would at least see some hookers. Will sign-off cuz it keeps kicking me around. Love.


Joe Cap said...

That searchlight is probably from the the light at the top of the pyramid at the Luxor hotel. When it was first built, there were concerns it would confuse airline pilots and there were complaints.

Hookers??? In Vegas?

kittycat said...

I love Vegas. What a beautiful place. But I would never want to live there.

Have fun.

Bossy Betty said...

Great to hear from you!! More please!

Linda Medrano said...

I'm glad it's all going all right! I don't like Vegas, but that's me. I like seeing hookers though. Go take a nice walk. You'll see one sooner or later!

Jimmy said...

My experience in Vegas walking down the strip at night was a total "Country Boy Coming To The City" episode, not sure if I saw any hookers but I had a bunch of people trying to give me cards boasting their services.

Glad you are doing well and hope to hear more from you soon.