Friday, October 22, 2010

And it Just Keeps Getting Better,...

Anyone can go over to the bacon blog I mentioned in last post. I specified who would enjoy it cuz her blog is titled Bacon is my Lover.

Am dealing pretty well with this impending flight. So now when I am getting my shit together, I get a call from my DIL in Vegas. She's crying. The sister and boyfriend who she and my son and kids live with, have decided it's too expensive to rent the place so the two decided they were going to live in their motor home. Really? And they tell my DIL 4 days before her surgery? So, 2 days after her surgery, they will be selling all their things in preparation to move back here to live with my ex and his wife (the I'm so sweet that butter melts in my mouth and you'd better not forget that I am the bitch in charge!) again. There is so much stress there, all around. They just can't catch a break! At least her Disability Claim is on the fast-track now. Is it too late for me to look for a Sugar-Daddy who can financially take care of my two kids and their families?
I do not feel sorry for me,'s just that while I didn't cause their problems nor can I fix them, I feel terrible. So sad and helpless. You know how it is with your children. You'd give up your life for them!!!!

I think that's going to be it for awhile. I would try to post from Vegas, but I will be busy taking care of Jenn and also helping run their 3 day garage sale. I even told her that if John needs to sell my dad's WWII uniform and stuff, I would understand. Jenn (daughter-in-law) said that was the one thing John (my son) wanted to keep for sure. Does my heart good. I can thank God for one thing tho. The weather will be absolutely beautiful! That way I'm not picking up dog poop for 7 dogs and playing outside with the kids (oh, as if I'll have time) and doing this three day garage sale in 100 degree temps. You know, we had a high of 64 degrees today and I was actually almost too warm. Drove with my car window rolled all the way down and had to take my jacket off,....

Hey! Did I tell you I have to leave for the airport around 4AM? Too funny. I'm sure the other drivers sharing the road with me at that time will think it's funny too, especially when I'm weaving and singing and swearing. Won't be bad. It will be Sunday. Actually, I should prob. be driving out of one of the Chicago airports but Mayor Daily can take those airports and shove them right up his baggage claim! So I will drive up to Milwaukee, about 1 hr. and 45 min., park my car at a friends (would you believe me if I said I'll be parking my Bentley there?). Yeah, I thought not. I am way too honest. And don't forget, It takes me at least an hour to be coheren,,...awake. So I will be getting up at 2:30? IN THE MORNING!

How do you like the way I complain about EVERYTHING all the time. Really, there are people out there with real problems. My REAL problems are in the past, and I suspect the future.

I think I'll bring my coloring book and crayons on the plane. Maybe stick a juice box in my pocket. Oh you big baby. BooHoo. Just get over yourself Middlechild!


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Have a wonderful time in Vegas. Praying you have a safe trip.

Joe Cap said...

Funny how many of us bloggers have been to Vegas in the past year. Too bad we didn't meet there all at the same time. You should look up my posts from last March, and the adventures of the Convertible.
I hope you have a safe trip.
Don't forget to bring the BLUE crayons!

Bossy Betty said...

4:00AM? Yikes!

Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

Green Monkey said...

VEGAS.... nope, this blogger hasn't been to vegas in ...years... but Black Rock City, Nevada... thats a horse of a different color! enjoy Vegas

p.s. (you got Betty at 4 am!!! what the what the!)