Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coming to you LIVE from the DUSTBOWL!

JOEL? - Do you follow me? After all, I am your 2nd mother. If so,...please read on and weigh in smart man. If not, gotta wonder why I'm wasting the ink.

SHEN - Baby Girl,...I would not leave you.

WALKING MAN - Laptop? Don't I wish. No, in fact I got yelled at today and was told that I can only buy a certain amount of cigs a month. BTW - No, I'm not a 5 yr. old. And I worked for many years but the money always went to him.

SOCCERMOM - I have no problem taking matters into my own hands.

So, what I am seeing here is that the closet that was so loving destroyed, is going back up the same way. I'm thinking I wouldn't have torn it down if I was just going to put back the same. And if I did all this "busy" work, I would at least clean and patch the walls before putting the 2x4s up. And the floor? Don't even ask. I do know the floors should be done last.
I'm sorry? What? Did I just hear someone say, "I thought he was going to do electrical work in the attic?" Well, all I can say is, that's what he said and in most cases what he says/promises never comes to fruition. Times flying. We had Florida weather here today and without the benifit of the ocean or even a pool,....I had to hate every drop of sweat. Gotta run! Kisses!


Unknown said...

I am here, mom 2. Do you have pictures to show us?

KittyCat said...

I agree with "joel" can we see some photos. SO that we can appropriately assess this situation you have going on.

the walking man said...

A swift kick in the nuts might just get that laptop and that electrical and other shit done to.