Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too many of you are from the South.

And all I want to do is complain about the heat. In case you hadn't noticed, I tend to be a bit of a complainer. Let's see, husband had appt. with oral surgeon re: cyst. I need to check with ins. but put that off today. My daughter will be having surgery soon. My husband had me make an appt. with gastro? guy so he can request a colonoscopy. Really? Who does that? He hated the first one but I guess it makes sense as his mom did have colon cancer. And so on.

I often think I should just make up shit. Like, it's so hot that 2 of my neighbors stripped and had a water fight with their hoses. 'course then you guys will be all over that. " Hoses? "
Or,...I found a squirrel that was overcome by the heat and I brought him in and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and I released him back into the "wild" this evening.
Or,...I passed out in the yard from the heat and our black lab. Belle grabbed a bottle of water off the floor, pushed open the door, bit a hole in it and holding it in her mouth, let the water drip on my face 'till I came to.

On the other hand, I am honest to a fault and so truth be told,... I took a shower and then after I got out, my husband got in. He mentions something on his body that he wants checked out just as I was saying I wanted him to look at something. After he got out of the shower, we did just that and it dawned on me (and I said it aloud to him) that I know understood God's reason for people to be married for life. It is to turn us into monkeys. We pick and poke and prod like those monkeys do for each other. That's a little more "evidence" for those of you who believe in evolution. Ha! I do not however, seeing as how I am going to heaven and all that. Peace.


Ms. A said...

And I'm tellin' ya, it's danged hot!

Unknown said...

roflmbo... # the monkey comment my hubby has said the same thing about us..

Joe Cap said...

I agree with Ms A...too danged hot.
Summer summer, go away.
Don't come back unless I am at a beach.

BigSis said...

It is entirely too hot. Somehow the snow storms don't seem as terrible as they did in Jan.

And, the monkey thing - doesn't make me want to get married :)

Linda Medrano said...

Of course you're going to heaven and "all that"!

Shen said...

This was so much fun to read :-) Yes - hot hot hot everywhere. I'm west of Chicago and it is ridiculously hot and humid- so much so that the lemon tree I move onto my deck each summer is browning. A lemon tree! They are tropical!
I loved the piece of life you threw in about your husband. Long term relationships truly do offer something one can't even explain - and for many I believe they don't know what they had until it's gone.

It is so much more than the years together - it is the moments.

Keep on moving through it...

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! The heat can really make you crazy! Who else would we be comfortable with seeing us in that way.

Jimmy said...

Well if it came down to it I think you would probably save thet little squirrel, but if you just put him near the water fight that would be OK too.

You made me smile with this post, Nice Job my friend