Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Light?

First - a positive. I saw a firefly (lightening bug) this evening. It is early for them and in fact not the hot weather they like. I s'pose that explains why it's "blinker" was slow and also explains the cool green color. I am easily pleased.
Now for the justifiable negativity. Comcast sucks. Every month we have to call about our bill. I hate it! There is a comcast building 2 blocks away but now they can't help you, they can only take your payment. My man talked to someone and got all the info but lost it. So when I called today (press one for English?), I pressed buttons 'till my fingers cramped and finally got ahold of someone named Beverly. She wasn't too bad but it took awhile to get it all straightened out. She said, "Ok, I see what's going on,..." _______________That empty spot on the page here is me being disconnected. What a prick tease. You think she could call me back? Oh hell no. I called back and asked for Beverly. Now I need to tell you that I only speak English. I am embarrassed as hell. No,...wait a minute! That's ok cuz I live in America! So I'm talking to someone else ahd I kind of got that they can't connect but that she could help me. (I'm just guessing here.) Something about all kinds of call centers? So, I told here that I couldn't understand her and could she get me someone else to talk to. Well no, but she said she'd try to speak slower and clearer. I repeated that I couldn't understand her and I said goodbye. Mind you, I am not really sure what she was saying and also know that I do not yell or swear or anything to people on the phone. Stupid me - I called again. This time I got a real laid back home boy and he started asking for phone # and address and last 4 digits of soc. sec. #. I had to stop him at that point and ask why he needed that info, that I'd just talked to 2 other people and neither one had asked me for any of that. He said it was for security. Bull. But I gave him the info and since he said he could help me, I thought I'd give it a try. I had to tell him what to look for and blah, blah, blah. All of a sudden he stumbled on a catch phrase and just kept repeating it. He answered every question or comment I had with this newly found "magic" sentence. "Ma'am you've been given all kinds of discounts." My man said to just forget it and I hung up and threw the phone across the table. Then I took a xanax. Can anyone do their job properly? I much preferred when we could go to the local place and ask our questions and GET ANSWERS!!!!!!!
So, man got home today after being gone a week. A week without me? It's party time. I will ignore the fact that I am tired from cleaning and getting groceries and mowing and weeding and making beef stew and salads etc. Reason being,...I kinda missed him too. So, goodnight all. Peace.


Ms. A said...

I SO feel your frustration! (and I will leave it at that, so I don't embarrass myself)

ComcastCares1 said...

I am sorry for the poor experience. I will look into this o make that you receive an accurate bill. If you are interested in my help, will you please contact me an let me know the account info?


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess comcast cares but only when their reputation is on the line. I am proud that your issue with the Comcast call centers and billing has gotten their attention.

Good Job!

Joe Cap said...

WEEE don't have lightning bugs here! Send some my way.