Monday, June 14, 2010

Calling Ms. Anthropy,....

What more would you like to say? Am I way off track? Please help me out here.

It has been decide that we will go to the more expensive place (condo) because it has more bathrooms WTF! and BTW who rents a fucking condo for just 2 days???? Reservations have been made. And we will have to take a shuttle boat, yes I said boat, ON WATER!!!! to get to the water parks.

Here's me and boats; We went on a chartered fishing boat on Lake Michigan with 2 other couples for a 6 hour trip. (now sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip,.....)
Anyway, I did all the things that were suggested to me as I was pretty sure I would get sick. But once again, I put on my big girl panties and gave it my all. Boy, did I! And I told my husband that if I did get sick to just continue fishing, that I didn't want to be the one to mess up this trip. Um,....yeah. I felt it as soon as the boat turned around to leave the harbor. Oh crap! I felt like shit the 1st hour. But then I,......well actually I started throwing up. Once in a while I would bring my head back into the boat and ask my man to light a cig. and give me a swig of coke. (no,...I mean the drink.) One of the girls said (after watching and hearing me) "Fuck it, if I'm gonna be sick, it will be for a reason." And she opened her huge thermos and started drinking down the margaritas she had put in it. The other gal was an obedient wife. She'd puke, then when it was her turn to fish, she'd get up and catch her fish. Then puke and wait for her next turn. They all kept saying we should turn back and I'm like, "No. I told you to keep fishing, we paid for 6 hours, now enjoy it." At one point the captain told my husband to hold on to the back of my jeans cuz he was afraid that if I leaned any further over, I'd lose my balance and fall in. At that point, I would have preferred drowning to puking. After 5 hours, the captain said, "I'm gonna take her back to shore." At this point (after 4 hours of being sick, I couldn't argue.) Getting off the boat only helped a little and then everyone decided to go grab breakfast. Oh, ICK! I am surprised I could actually sit there with the smell of food.
I will survive the boat shuttle as I am OK as long as I can see the shore. If not, well I will walk how ever many miles it takes to get back to the hotel. If it is too far, I will work out a trade of sorts to get some guy to drive me back.
This trip isn't until early August so I have plenty of time to break a leg or something like that.


Ms. A said...

Bless your heart. I admire the fact you keep on going, to please the multitudes. I stopped long ago. Between the fact my mood always stinks and I'm a second class citizen, I don't even bother trying to fit in. (Plus, I'm too frugal to pay righteous bucks to be miserable)

When I saw the title of this post come up on the dashboard, I couldn't imagine what kind of stink I might have caused. Kinda startled me.

Linda Medrano said...

Now, Middle Child, listen to me. Don't go on a boat! It's not worth it! And boats are dangerous. Look at the Titanic. Listen to Nancy Reagan (or one of the Bush wives) and just say NO.

Kimberly said...

You did better than I would have.

I just wouldn't do it. Nope.

p.s. my word verification word is swayen...kinda fit the whole boat